Mapendekezo Yangu- My Suggestions

    Tanzania is in a terrible situation. being one of the poorest countries. Tanzania has gone through many political changes as a state. Tanzania is depended on their agriculture which they export as well as international donors. There has been changes in there political systems from colonial eras to liberal eras. Undergoing there circumstances, it has put Tanzania in debt. Not only has Tanzania gone through political systems, but also corruption within the government. Government officials and ministers have been committing conspiracy, theft and forgery. As a result of the government officials' and ministers' actions, the economic state of Tanzania will become hard to recover from.

    Can Tanzania become a country where dependency is not an issue and corruption within the governments demolished. Tanzania should study and observe political systems that worked and nations that has become stable or wealthy such as United States and Germany. If Tanzania can make a plan, stick to it and have honest government officials that are willing to help save their country, maybe Tanzania can get out of the category of being among the poorest countries. The World Bank identifies mining and tourism as the key sector for growth in Tanzania. How can mining and tourism be a major sector in their growth if the country has a major internal issue occurring. this country has to resolve corruption of the government officials, police brutality and the judicial systems. The next option for Tanzania would be to let a wealthy, stable nation step in and help the country recover which might start more tension in the country. In addition, the world today is in a unstable economic state to help countries let alone a nation with a corrupted government. What shall Tanzania do?